Friday, May 1, 2015

SimpleMansIGallery - Instagram gallery made simple

2016jun02: The gallery is not working correctly. This is because my integration with instagram has not yet been approved.
It is only working in sandbox mode. Send me a message on instagram (@mortenkjarulff) if you want a sandbox invite.
I am working on solving the problem! 

Ever wanted to show your favourite Instagram photos on your own website? There are plenty of services out there that can show a gallery of your likes. However, most of them try to promote their own stuff, not your posts on Instagram.

Ever wanted to show Instagram photos with a specific tag on your own website? There are plenty of services out there to do that. However most of them will show ALL photos with that tag, including photos from people who use totally unrelated tags, that is, spammers.

So you need a service where you can moderate an Instagram tag feed. You need something where you are in control.

I was in that situation and could not find any simple and affordable service. That is why I built this.

For a photo to show up on your own website, it must be liked by you and optionally have specific tags and/or location.

You get the photos either in an iframe (checkout or as a JSON feed (checkout or

Dead simple and flexible. You are in control. It is a simple moderation tool for Instagram feeds.

Enough words, here are some examples:

My latest like.

A random selection of my likes.

Some of my favourite flower photos (#tullip AND #spring).

The sun (#sunrise OR #sunset).

My favourite location ("Ballen Havn" OR "Ballen Havn, Samsø").

Friday, March 27, 2015

SimpleMansCMS - A simple web page built from Instagram posts

A friend asked me to make a web page for him. Well, that's easy!

However, he had the requirement that he should be able to update it himself, without being able to destroy the page. Well, not so easy!

There are many ways to make a page that you can update yourself, but most of them are not so easy to use, if your interrests are far from computers.

The most advanced he uses is Instagram. One day he said: "Why is it only Instagram that is simple, everything else is complicated!". And he continued: "I take a photo, write some text, and I'm done! I can't do it wrong".

Hey! Why not use Instagram as the repository for text and photos for his page? Instagram is perfect: 1 photo and some text, where the only formatting you can use is linebreaks. It is almost imposible to do it wrong.

There are many ways to use the text and photos from Instagram and use it other ways. Here is my solution (simplyfied) for him. On his real page the photos and text is styled nicely.

I use one post as the "root" post. This holds links to the other posts, that are used on the page. All words (except the whole first line) in this post, are links to other posts.

The result is:

The page has a few actions:

The source is here It is written in PHP and uses the Instagram API via cURL to get the posts as JSON.

All photos by @mortenkjarulff.