Friday, March 27, 2015

SimpleMansCMS - A simple web page built from Instagram posts

A friend asked me to make a web page for him. Well, that's easy!

However, he had the requirement that he should be able to update it himself, without being able to destroy the page. Well, not so easy!

There are many ways to make a page that you can update yourself, but most of them are not so easy to use, if your interrests are far from computers.

The most advanced he uses is Instagram. One day he said: "Why is it only Instagram that is simple, everything else is complicated!". And he continued: "I take a photo, write some text, and I'm done! I can't do it wrong".

Hey! Why not use Instagram as the repository for text and photos for his page? Instagram is perfect: 1 photo and some text, where the only formatting you can use is linebreaks. It is almost imposible to do it wrong.

There are many ways to use the text and photos from Instagram and use it other ways. Here is my solution (simplyfied) for him. On his real page the photos and text is styled nicely.

I use one post as the "root" post. This holds links to the other posts, that are used on the page. All words (except the whole first line) in this post, are links to other posts.

The result is:

The page has a few actions:

The source is here It is written in PHP and uses the Instagram API via cURL to get the posts as JSON.

All photos by @mortenkjarulff.

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